Under the culinary direction of Catering Convent,  located in the triangle of art in the Spanish capital and in the attic of the Thyssen Museum lies this restaurant devoted to Mediterranean food.

From its terrace offers a spectacular view of downtown Madrid. Only open for dinner during the summer months

Iberitas offers you a different Madrid, check it out!

Next August, Cascais (Portugal) will receive the inaugural race of the competition prior to the America’s Cup, with the World Series, the decision was announced early this morning in San Francisco (USA).

A fantastic opportunity to visit Lisbon/Cascais off the beaten path with Iberitas

The Nobel Prize of Architecture

2003 Municipal Stadium of Braga (Portugal)

“During the past three decades, Eduardo Souto Moura produced a body of work that is of our time but also has echoes of traditional architecture. Its buildings have a unique ability to reconcile opposing characteristics, such as the power and modesty, courage and subtlety, boldness and simplicity at the same time, you can read in the press release issued by the jury of the prize.


A presentation of the Arquitech and his most relevant work 


News at Architec – The magazine of the American Institute of Architecture

King Philip IV of Spain and III of Portugal

at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

via Amnésia


No doubtfully, a new beautiful video promoting Portugal, but …

In Portugal, as in any other  country, you can let yourself be dazzled by natural landscapes and impressive monuments

What we in Iberitas propose to offer you is  a different approach to Portugal and Spain

We would like  you to discover the characteristics that shape the soul of these people

Hands-on-cooking experiences are the right way of doing it

Venture to join us!

in Lisbon in one of our photography workshops

The Lisbon Diary

as the author defines it: «people, places and listyle in Lisbon»

a diferent way of looking at Lisbon

a different way of knowing Lisbon is what in Iberitas propose you

take the chance!

People tend to buy more  in hypermarkets at the shopping malls and stop attending the traditional markets with local producers. They have easy and free parking, can enjoy lunch or dinner if wanted and buy other products in other stores, all this while their teenagers are entertained at the movies , for instance

Traditional markets are feeding to our producers, there we buy national produced products which are not standardized and often are cheaper. Besides, these markets have a special charm. They diferentiate and define us!

The City of Lisbon  organizes for the next 10 Saturday mornings’  cooking classes with renowned chefs at the various markets in the city, .

With their guidance , each participant will buy the necessary ingredients in the market and then learn to cook them in facilities properly prepared for this purpose in loco.
It is free to participate.

These initiatives are commendable and superinteresting, if you’re over here you might want to go to see and photograph, it is difficult to participate because it is necessary to book in advance and deplete faster … but you can always take a look and some photos …

We in Iberitas favor this type of activity as a way of knowing the real town and its inhabitants

A glass protrusion in an exciting conunterpoint to the otherwise rectilinean museum.
That is the new Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Tampa. The 68.000-sq-ft
museum consists of a cast in place, 58-ft tall reinforced-concrete box one-way slabs
and beams. The three-story buildingg´s 18-in thick perimeter walls are architecturally
exposed on the outside, with no stucco or painted surfaces.

The builders of the glazed atrium structure that drapes over the side of the Boxy building
simply call it ENIGMA.

It is inspired both by Dalí’s surrealist art and by the practical need to shelter the collection from the hurricanes that threaten Florida’s west coast.

This is the most important privated Salvador Dalí´s collection in world. Infanta de España,
Doña Cristina de Borbón was the official Spanish representative among others spanish

With IBERITAS you can know Dalí’s work in loco as a totally new experience

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